Hello and welcome.

I’m Jordon— chief superhero in charge of HUNDRD.

In case you are new around these parts, I’ll quickly fill you in… We teach committed people the hidden art of annihilating body fat (without giving up their favorite foods or wasting away on a treadmill).

Some would say that we are the hero of sustainable fat loss; boldly proclaiming scientifically backed information and shining light on the path of nutritional freedom.

Others would say that we are villainous in our ways— destroying every nutrition myth, fad diet, and pseudoscientist one-by-one.

Regardless, the reality is that we help people like you get from Point A (your current body) to Point B (your goal body) as efficiently and enjoyably as possible.

That being said, HUNDRD is not for everyone.

If you are looking for a lose-30-pounds-in-17-days type of program, then this is not it.

Our nutrition coaching services are for people who are serious about burning fat and keeping it off, which is a process that times time.

You will never hear us claim that the “road to lean” will be all sunshine and rainbows, but we can say with complete and utter confidence that it is 100% possible to burn off stubborn body fat without sacrificing your entire livelihood in the process.

If that sounds like your cup of tea, then welcome to the party.

(Warning: Lazy excuse makers are not allowed and violators will be prosecuted.)

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“HUNDRD’s emails are the best I’ve ever read. Very, very good.”
- Donald Trump


Meet the Owner of HUNDRD
Jordon Bordner obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Wellness and Fitness, is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, and is Precision Nutrition L1 Certified. Jordon specializes in nutrition coaching for sustainable fat loss.

“From the time I was 5 years old, I only wanted to be one thing— Batman. But, as I grew up I realized crime fighting takes place at night, so I would also need a day job. I figured I might as well make it something that I love.” - JB

Jordon Bordner—HUNDRD
I have worked with many coaches and have found very few to be as professional as Jordon.
— Matt H. 35
Jordon is skilled, personable, fun and a pleasure to work with. I love his diverse program and his passion for fitness. He helped me achieve my goal and improve my overall health, physically as much as mentally. I highly recommend Jordon, he truly is the best!
— Jatoya T. 29
When I first spoke with Jordon, he asked me, “What are your goals?” He didn’t try to put me into a one-size fits all model. He made sure to hear out my goals and the direction that I wanted to go, and that is how he set up my nutrition plan. I am amazed at the level of commitment he has to my own success and other members of HUNDRD team. The progress I’ve made in the last few months has been exceptional and I’m just getting started.
— Aaron F. 29
First off, Jordon knows his stuff! He speaks with confidence in sharing his mastermind plan of action toward success. Not only does he create the best macronutrient split for your goals, but he also makes the process comprehensible. Within 100 days, I dropped nearly 20lbs, 10% body fat, and pants that use to fit me snug are now falling off. I got super shredded too, having never seen my abs so tight and defined. If you are considering hiring Jordon, then think no longer. My highest recommendation is owed to him because, not only did he help me earn stellar results in a safe and efficient way, he also believed in me. His coaching gave me the confidence that anything is possible.
— Nisan T. 35
Jordon made the system work for me, rather than trying to fit me into a system. It is very evident that he cares about his clients personally and has their best interest at heart.
— Tim W. 36
Jordon is fantastic coach and an even better person. Jordon does not only help you achieve your goals, but he also has your long term success and health in mind.
— Justin R. 25

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